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Why do we need an alternative to plastic cling foil at all?

Who has not seen them: Pictures of dying turtles, who have eaten plastic bags, which they thought of being jelly fish, seagulls with plastic forks in their throats – painfully starving, the cruel sight of a whale mother, swimming next to her dead baby – poisoned of microplastic… Unfortunately, there are endless examples..

Microplasty is now ubiquitous and is even found in almost all purchased water. A WWF study has shown that we eat about 1 credit card of plastic per week! Plastic and the plasticizers it contains are known to cause serious illnesses such as unfeasibility, ADHD and even cancer.

Sadly, we can only blame ourselves for what is happening to our nature. It’s easy to look the other way and not always comfortable to take a different path or just to think about an alternative to plastic in our hectic everyday life. Fortunately, even the small changes count.

The goal of beeskin is therefore, to offer you this simple and natural alternative to cling film. Old records of our grandparents show, that beeswax cloths are not a new invention, but only have been forgotten.


Our 100% natural ingredients

Our beeskins are produced and packed exclusively in Berlin. We use controlled and certified European raw materials. Since we want to create a safe and healthy product, our packaging is also compliant for direct food contact it isand printed with low migratory inks on certified sustainable paper.

pure beeswax


100% pure beeswax. Our wax is strictly tested for residues of harmful substances and pesticides and comes exclusively from Germany.
The propolis contained in beeswax has an antibacterial and antiviral effect. The propolis is collected by the bees when they fly to trees.
European beekeepers remove part of the beeswax to help the bees and ensure the health of the colony. No new wax is removed and never so much that it could harm the bees.


Tree resin is secreted from the trees to protect against germs, viruses and fungi. We use the so-called rosin. When resin is distilled, and thus turpentine oil and liquid evaporate and are filtered out, the hard rosin remains. The tree resin we use comes from pine trees and its wonderful properties help to keep food fresh for longer. Did you know that there is a wine in Greece, the Retsina wine, which gets its taste from added resin? Resin is also used in the food industry for chewing gum.



Our cotton is an organic cotton, which, as well as the print, is certified organic according to the highest standard. We have the fabric produced especially for us. It is important that the whole chain, including the print, is certified and controlled

In this case the certification means that both, social criteria and environmental criteria are strictly controlled and adhered to.
The cotton, for example, is picked by hand and grown without pesticides.

Since the fabric is a loosely woven, 100% cotton fabric, your food can breathe, but is still protected from drying out.



Jojoba Oil

Despite its name, jojoba oil is not actually an oil, but a wax with many great properties.

At room temperature it is liquid and soft, but becomes hard at cold temperatures. Jojoba oil naturally contains a lot of vitamin E – a natural preservative. The oil prevents the wax coating of your cloths from cracking in the refrigerator. Of course we use only certified organic jojoba oil.


production of beeswax wraps

Our Team

It all started very small, in the kitchen with iron and oven. After we moved a few times, we are now a team of 12 (without the gate keeper “Gin”).



Christian is an entrepreneur and has successfully founded and sold his former company. As a business economist, after 15 years in the digital world with statistics and numbers, he is now happy to work on a "real, haptic and honest product" that truly has a positive effect on us and our environment.

Tina and her dog Gin


I lost three out of four grandparents to cancer. When I first became a mother in 2009, it was very important to me to make our lives "healthy". Our children still eat sweets and such, but I try to teach them a balance. Unfortunately, plastic is "out of balance" everywhere. I know myself very well, how short the day is, especially when you have children and are working. You don't always have time to look around for healthy and good alternatives. So I hope, that with beeskin I can offer a simple and easy alternative for the 100 meters of plastic film that we use on average per year, per household. I studied in the USA and have a BFA (Bachelor in Fine Arts).

Pauline- beeskin


Born in Sweden, I have lived in France since 2007. The first 7 years I was in Paris, and now I am in Nice. I am a "Fairtrade Ambassador" and I love animals, nature and nature on the Cote d'Azur. Of course, I also enjoy going out with friends and eating tasty food. I firmly believe that one person alone cannot do everything. But we can all do something, and that will make the big difference in the long run. And, where do you make the difference today?


I'm from Italy. Since I live right on the border to France, I can live in both countries and have the best of both worlds. I see myself as an outdoor lover. I am an engineer and DJ but nature's call is so strong that I spend every free minute hiking or diving. Hiking, diving and traveling have made me aware over the last few years that the use and production of plastic has crossed the dangerous line. We have to do something, and we have to do it now!


Marta H.

I'm from Poland. I have been living with my family in Berlin for several years. Soon I will become a mother for the 3rd time. I love to travel through Poland. The best time is the time in the mountains - it doesn't matter if they are low or high. I often wonder if there is hope for a world without plastic? It is quite possible that by 2050 there will be more plastic in the seas and oceans than fish. That's extremely sad, so let's start avoiding waste.


Marta W.

My name is Martha. I come from Poland and live with my family in Ludwigsfelde, not far from Berlin. I spend my free time with my family. We like sport because sport is health.


Hi, I'm Marek and I'm from Poland. I have been living with my family in Berlin for a few years now. I am interested in automotive and in my spare time I like to cook. My family and I like hiking in the mountains. I try to live according to the principle that no matter what happens to me, to be cheerful towards reality. Is it possible to live without plastic? The goal does not have to be a complete resignation. Even small steps are very valuable


I am Argentinian, outdoor lover and serial entrepreneur. I am passionate that my work consists of generating positive impacts on the environment and society, and that's why I wake up every day. I believe that the way to change the world is working in teams, and luckily there are a lot of people determined to do it.


I am from Poland. I am living in Berlin for 9 years. I am born in Now Rudi, in the mountain area of Tafelberg and mountains mean a lot to me. I live in Berlin with my family. We have a 3 year old daughter. I enjoy to ride my bike, to swim and to go fishing. But most of all I enjoy to spend time with my family. Plastic is bad for us as well as for the environment. This is why it is important to do something about it.



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Nothing escapes his critical eye. This is why Gin is responsible for the safety of the production facilities. He pursues this task with great zeal and passion.

viele Bienen auf einer Bienenwabe


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