Corporate Philosophy | beeskin Bienenwachstücher halten Lebensmittel länger frisch, Europäisch und GOTS-zertifiziert

Vores filosofi

beeskin baserer sine aktiviteter på tanken om bæredygtighed. Hvis vi lever på en sådan måde, at generationerne efter os også kan nyde godt af fordelene ved et intakt miljø og et intakt socialt samspil, er det den mest retfærdige måde at opføre sig over for vores børn og børnebørn på.

Plastic is one of the great challenges of our time. Not only does plastic destroy the habitats of many animal species, but ingredients such as BPA (bisphenol A, one of the plasticisers in plastic) are now detectable in the urine of 93% of all people ( BPA is directly associated with miscarriages and hormonal imbalances. The overall health risks associated with the constant use of plastic in everyday life are largely unexplored. There are situations where plastic is necessary. But where it is easily replaceable, we should offer alternatives in our everyday lives that come from natural resources and do not harm our environment. People are wondering about increasing food intolerances and growing cancer risk. More and more studies are seeing connections between harmful plastic components and these diseases. beeskin replaces plastic film, keeps food fresh for longer and is 100% compostable. With three beeskins you can save 100m of plastic foil per year.

There is some criticism of the use of bee products. We believe that sustainable beekeeping benefits our society, not harms it. The more beekeepers we can support with our products, the greater the interest in a healthy bee population in Europe. We only use natural and pesticide tested raw materials from Europe. More about beeskin and the use of beeswax here:


Climate change is tangible and, according to broad scientific opinion, caused by humans. We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint through a variety of measures, including

  • We make an effort to reduce air travel
  • We prefer telephone and video conferences for international communication
  • We promote healthy and low-meat nutrition
  • We use green electricity
  • We offer home office 
  • We recommend public transportation or electric mobility
  • We do not sell our products to the Americas or to Asia, because we want to avoid the long transportation
  • We use exclusively European ressources for our products
  • Our shipment is carbon neutral and plastic free

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Stakeholder approach

beeskin follows the stakeholder approach, according to which the needs of all stakeholders of a company are taken into account for the success of the company. Every customer, our employees, our suppliers and the environment are beeskin’s most important stakeholders. As a pure family business, we are not subject to any growth constraints or investor requirements. We aim for a profit margin of 20%, which is necessary for a healthy company in the long term.

Our employees receive a share of the profit and we generally support the following projects:

  • The sustainable beekeeping
  • Projects to reduce plastic waste in our environment


It is important for us that our employees feel comfortable and are fairly remunerated. Flexible working hours, a sympathetic ear and overtime pay are just some of our principles. beeskin takes into account the individual challenges of an employee in his or her specific life situation. Small children, a new apartment or parents to be cared for, we try to find a solution. For unskilled labor we pay our employees a starting salary of EUR 13,- per hour.

We do not want to condemn anyone who does not share our goals. Flightshaming, for example, is not a means to support. Air travel has brought an incomparable development to international understanding and has made the world grow together. But every small step is a step in the right direction. Even if a frequent flyer reduces his trips, or eats once less beef per month, or if you balance your CO2 balance by certificates: every single measure helps our environment. For us, an intact environment is on a par with business success.