Environmental Policy Statement Environmental Policy Statement

Environmental Policy Statement

Environmental Commitment is a top priority for us at beeskin

beeskin GmbH is committed to reduce its impact on the environment. Our goal is to promote sustainability and environmental awareness at all levels of the firm by:

  • Considering the environmental impacts into our decision-making process.
  • Complying with all applicable environmental legislation and sustainability commitments.
  • Training and educating our employees about environmental issues that may affect their work.
  • Promoting environmental awareness among our employees as they indeed work in an environmentally conscious way, as well as, 
  • Communicating our environmental commitment to the public and encourage them to support it.
  • Measuring and analysing our Firm’s carbon footprint along other climate change adaptation efforts.
  • Preventing pollution and reducing consumption of resources. We create waste management strategies that promote waste reduction and recycling, as a result.
  • Promoting efficient energy use in all areas of business activity.
  • Promoting and continuing to invest in technologies that provide alternatives to business travel.
  • Adopting a procurement program that considers our products environmental impact.
  • Pursuing a program of continuous improvement by reviewing our Environmental Management System.

What are we doing to help the environment?

beeskin GmbH is implementing measures to help reduce our waste and stay green, indeed.

  • We package our products in FSC-certified recyclable paper.

  • We import our packaging paper from Sweden. For every tree used to produce our packaging, we plant 3 new trees.

  • We recycle 100% of our paper waste in cooperation with Berlin Recycling Services.

berlin recycling service
  • For one thing, we repurpose our leftover cuttings from the waxing process as Natural Fire Starters.
  • Products like our Labels are made with 100% recycled Polyester, for instance.
  • In addition, our Repair Set helps our customers prolong the life of their beeswax wraps.
  • Certainly after its intended use, our beeswax wraps are 100% compostable.
  • Moreover, we purchase organic products for our Office and Production Facility.
  • Owing to Beeswax wraps ability to increase the shelf life of foods. This reduces the amount of purchase done. Consequently, this reduces a person’s own carbon footprint.
Bienewachstücher Bio Produkte
  • Assessing our carbon footprint yearly, according to the Kyoto Protocol Guidelines. We offset our GHG Emissions by contributing to climate protection consequently
  • Efficient stove systems for families in Nigeria.  This leads to about 80% energy savings.
  • Power generation from crops’ residues in India. As a result, this provides 15 households with one year of renewable power.
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