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Medicinal herbs

The grandparents of our founder Tina were gardeners. So it seems to be genetic that for Tina nature and gardening are the perfect balance to the exciting daily corporate life. She has a special interest in medicinal plants. What others see as weeds, she sows, nurtures and cherishes in her garden – even her children know about the healing powers of plants.
here we would like to introduce you to our favourite (medicinal) plants. As you can see from beeskin, nature offers us the best solutions.


La alegría de un hombre es el dolor de otro. La Enciclopedia Británica dice que "la hierba de costilla y el plátano macho (P. lanceolata y P. media, respectivamente) son malas hierbas problemática. "

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Allium schoenoprasum Is one of the classic kitchen herbs, mainly used in egg dishes, salads and numerous dairy products. Chives contains numerous vitamins and secondary

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Thymus Vulgaris Thyme was already used as a medicinal plant 4,000 years ago. Old records show that the pharaohs of ancient Egypt were already embalmed

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keeping herbs fresh

I am sure you are familiar with this problem too: The recipe calls for parsley (or another herb). Usually I buy a small bundle of

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