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Our goal is to supply as many households as possible with affordable, high quality beeskin beeswax wraps. This is only possible if the switch to beeskin is not made impossible by a price that is too high. We regularly receive requests from our customers for a listing in their favourite shops. We sell across Europe in seven languages and are registered for tax purposes beyond the German borders. We work with both small shops and large chains and look forward to your enquiry.

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Private Label

As we manufacture all beeskins ourselves, it is no problem to produce both packaging and beeswax cloth in customer design. Production and packaging takes place exclusively in our production facility in Berlin.

We can produce up to 10,000 rolls per day and therefore also produce larger orders. Special wishes regarding the format or the wax mixture can of course be taken into account. For example, some customers prefer no oil at all or coconut oil or simply bleached wax.

Of course, we can take care of all steps from the design of the product and the packaging to the delivery by our logistics partner. Our sales team will be happy to help you and answer all your questions. 

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