beeskin Bienenwachstücher halten Lebensmittel länger frisch, Europäisch und GOTS-zertifiziert | beeswax wraps

The alternative to plastic and aluminium foil.

beeskin beeswax wraps are certified organic and made in Berlin, Germany with mostly European ingredients:

beeskin protect your food from air and moisture. Like the skin or peel of fruit and vegetables, they allow your food to breathe. The raw and organic ingredients used in your beeskin beeswax wraps have a natural antibiotic, antiviral and antifungal effect: they keep food fresh for longer. Take good care of your wraps and you will be able to use them for at least 1 year – guaranteed: wrap, rinse and reuse. 

Use beeskin beeswax wraps to keep food fresh longer

We are award winning!​

The LECKER LIEBLING AWARD by well known cooking magazine “LECKER” honoured the best and most popular products that enrich the food market and contribute to an exciting variety in our kitchen.⁠ A jury consisting of cookbook authors, food blogger,⁠ TV chef, editor-in-chief, futurologist and, of course, LECKER editorial staff assessed taste, innovation, packaging and sustainability among other things, and thus identified their favourites among all the nominees. ⁠In total, there were over 250 submissions. The trophy is now guarded by our beeskin bee (as seen in the video below). 

We have been nominated!​

The EUROPEAN GREEN AWARD brings national and international recognition for special achievements of companies as well as individuals and honors with an international jury of experts green products, projects, events, hotels, marketing & change makers who have done excellent work for sustainable development in Europe.

The mission of the Award is not only to honor these outstanding ecological and fair achievements, but to offer them international visibility as excellent sustainability players and future shapers through this platform. And we specifically want to promote young change makers with green impact by showing their ideas and commitment to leading experts, the public and the green community.

We take climate change serious:

Greenpeace energy leaders for climate action DHL go Green
  • Our company operates carbon neutral. 
  • Our electricity is 100% renewable and provided by Greenpeace Energy.
  • We send packages carbon neutral with DHL GOGREEN
  • We are member of Leaders for Climate Action
  • All our certified paper comes from Sweden where, for every tree cut off, 3 new ones are planted. 

We fight against pesticides!

We support the Aurelia Foundation which fights against the use of pesticides harmful to bees.

Certified to the highest standard

Yes, we are certified!

At beeskin we are not only using GOTS certified cotton but our company and our products, as well as the entire production process have been certified “GOTS organic” by Ecocert. How the cotton is grown and harvested is controlled, how the yarn is processed and how the fabric is printed. Even the cleaning detergent for the tools we use in production and the print of the packaging you eventually take home is strictly monitored.

The beeskin guarantee

We are happy, when you are happy.

Our beeskin last at least 1 year. If not we will exchange your beeskin for a new one. 

beeskin in press

We are very pleased about the great interest of the press:

This is what our customers say

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  1. chris (verified owner)

    Perfekt. Es ist günstiger, aber in der Verwendung genauso gut

    beeskin beeswax wrap pack multi, minor defectsbeeskin beeswax wrap pack multi, minor defects

  2. chris

    Super zum Einwickeln und Abdecken von größeren Schalen. In meinem Kühlschrank ist das Tuch schon nicht mehr wegzudenken

    beeskin beeswax wrap l-35x35cmbeeskin beeswax wrap l-35x35cm

  3. chris

    Beste Größe für mich

    beeskin beeswax wrap m-25x25cmbeeskin beeswax wrap m-25x25cm

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