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Wrap and Cover - the right size

beeskin "s" - 17x17cm

Our smallest beeskin in size s has just the right size to cover small bowls, glasses or a small jug. Or for wrapping a portion of vegetables to go, a few cookies, half an avocado or cut up pieces of cheese.

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beeskin "m" - 25x25cm

Our medium size is big enough to cover a small cereal bowl or a piece of cake on a plate. Wrap half a mango, a honeydew melon, fresh herbs or the sandwich to take to school and work. By the way: this is our favorite size for cheese!

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beeskin "L" - 35x35cm

beeskin size L fits very well for standard size plates or bowls. Or you can cover: the big sandwich, the watermelon or smaller breads and rolls. Wrap fresh herbs: place a wet kitchen towel on beeskin, place herbs on top and wrap: keep them fresh up to 1 week.

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beeskin "XL" - 35x65cm

Our biggest beeskin covers pretty much everything. It is the extra large, long cloth for oblong bowls, baking trays and casserole dishes or oblong foods such as baguette, leek or rhubarb.

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Not sure, which one to get?

No need to make a decision. Our Multi Pack contains sizes s, m and L.

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Or simply cut your own size with our beeskin roll. 

beeskin as roll in 30x95cm in kids design Get it now All beeskins here

Do wrap:

Simply lay your beeskin over a plate, bowl or glass and wrap it over the edges. Thanks to the warmth of your hands, beeskin will gently adhere to smooth surfaces and to itself, similar to plastic film. (only that it does not stick so annoyingly to itself so you end up throwing away a piece of all tangled up plastic foil before even wrapping anything). In the refrigerator, beeskin stiffens and retains its shape. Exactly like a plastic lid. At room temperature, your beeskin softens again. But do not worry: it still sticks and will stay where you intend it to be.

Don't wrap:

beeskin beeswax wraps should NOT come into direct contact with raw meat, fish and pineapple. This is simply because you can not wash the wraps hot, which is very important with steak tartare, raw chicken breast and raw meat or raw fish. Just put raw meat in a bowl and then cover the bowl with your beeskin. Cold cuts such as cooked ham, smoked ham, salami etc. you can wrap. After usage wash it off as described below.

Greasy or oily foods can cause beeswax to dissolve. The smell and/or the taste of beeswax and resin could to transfer to the food. This is causes no harm, because all ingredients are themselves considered food (honey is sold with honeycomb, jojoba oil is included in toothpaste and there is the Greek wine Retsina which is flavored by added resin) – it can taste a bit strange at best. So just give it a try. Alternatively, you can put the food in a jar and then cover it with beeskin.

So many ways to use beeskin:

How to wrap...

Lettuce Peppers Carrots Cucumber Berries Cheese Bread Cake Wine Salami Herbs Lettuce Peppers










How to clean your beeskin

Run your beeskin beeswax wrap under cold water only, and run your fingers over your wrap to remove any excess, as if rinsing a plate. Don’t wash or rub your wrap vigorously with a rough sponge or brush. You may use the soft side of a sponge, gently, and we recommend you use an eco-friendly dish soap with no “alcohol“ within the first 4 ingredients. Alcohol will dissolve the beeswax and tree resin. After having cleaned your beeskin, pat it dry with a kitchen towel or let it air-dry. Don’t set your beeskin beeswax on a radiator since your wrap is not particularly fond of heat. Also, your beeskin beeswax wrap does not fancy being wrung or twisted in any way and dislikes your dishwasher and microwave oven. If something should get moldy, simply gently wipe the cloth with some vinegar.

A dedicated beeskin

For example, if you want to cover a can of dog food, we recommend to dedicate one and the same wrap to your four-legged friend. Also for onions and garlic, which are in direct contact with the cloth, it is advisable to reserve a cloth only for this purpose (so you dont end up with onion-flavoured apple. Although some might like it….)

Reuse and store it

Use beeskin beeswax wraps as you would use cling film. In addition, it is a great companion at the picnic, at school or at work. Because beeskin beeswax wraps are stronger than clingfilm you can use them as well as a portable plate (practically on car trips). And if you do not want to use your cloth anymore after about 1 year (and good care)  it is suitable as a grill or fireplace lighter

Store your dry beeskins in a drawer, cupboard or, as we prefer, in a big glass jar. (but make sure to keep it away from heat)

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