Single beeskin beeswax wraps

Pick your favorite beeskin in sizes s, m, l or xl - or even the roll?

Do you need some help to pick the right size for your beeskin beeswax wrap?

beeskin beeswax wrap size s to cover a bottle of wine

beeskin “s” – 17x17cm

może być dobrze wykorzystany do przykrycia małych miseczek, szklanek oraz małego dzbanka lub na porcję warzyw, kilku ciasteczek, pół awokado czy mały kawałek sera.

beeskin beeswax wrap size m for sandwich

beeskin “m” – 25x25cm

może być dobrze wykorzystany do przykrycia małych miseczek, wielkość ​w rozmiarze M wystarcza na małą miskę płatków lub talerz do ciasta. Również na pół mango, melon spadziowy, świeże zioła lub kanapkę do szkoły.

beeskin beeswax wrap size L berries

beeskin “l” – 35x35cm

Wielkość l bardzo dobrze pasuje do normalnych talerzy lub misek oraz do dużych kanapek, arbuza lub mniejszego pieczywa.

beeskin beeswax wrap size xl to cover a baking tray

beeskin “xl” – 35x65cm

Woskowijka​ w rozmiarze XL bardzo duża, długa do podłużnych misek, foremek do pieczenia i zapiekania.Świetnie się sprawdzi do zapakowania bagietki, pora lub rabarbaru.

Chcesz kupić więcej niż jednego beeskin? Następnie spójrz tutaj w dół i oszczędzaj pieniądze kupując multipacki. 

beeskin multipakach

Oszczędzaj pieniądze, kupując swoje ulubione beeskin w multipakach, zamiast kupować je pojedynczo.

Dalsze produkty beeskin

Aby ułatwić Ci życie bez tworzyw sztucznych, dodaliśmy kilka kolejnych produktów beeskin

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Wiesz co? 

Beeswax wraps are not a new invention but were used to store food already generations before us, long before plastic foil existed. 

beeswax wraps are purely natural. At the end of their life time they can simply be disposed on the compost, or you can use beeswax wraps as a healthy firestarter for the fireplace or barbecue. 

The secret of beeswax wraps?

The ingredients used are naturally antibacterial and antifungal. beeskin lets food breathe, but at the same time protects it from drying out. Even food that spoils quickly, if wrapped in plastic foil, will stay fresh for longer. Try wrapping bread or an entire lettuce. Even cheese or fresh berries stay fresh longer when wrapped in beeskin. 

Not all beeswax wraps are the same

For a sustainable product, both the raw materials and the production process should be sustainable. At least in our opinion. This also includes the CO2 balance. It is not necessary to import a product or its raw materials from Asia or the USA, if we have everything required in Europe as well. 

Once something comes into direct contact with food, you should pay close attention to the ingredients used. Pesticides in wax, heavy metals in printing and mineral oil in packaging are not to be found in beeskin. 

From the cultivation of the cotton to the printing, production and packaging in Berlin, beeskin products are constantly monitored by Ecocert and awarded the GOTS organic seal. 

More about our ingredients here

What makes beeskin beeswax wraps so special?

We have worked a long time on the right wax mixture and the ratio of the individual raw materials. Equally important is the quality and structure of the fabric used. That’s why we can give you the beeskin 1-year guarantee (more information here). We have built up a close relationship with our suppliers and can therefore purchase high quality, European raw materials. It is important to us that beeswax wraps are not exclusively a product for the “money makers”. That is why we are happy to pass on the better prices, which we get by buying large quantities, to our customers. Even if each of us makes only a small contribution, we can all achieve more together. 

All beeskins are made in Berlin, checked and packed by hand and then shipped directly from our  production site. So we have control over every step of the production and we can make sure that you get a beeskin to your full satisfaction. 

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