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Our cold-pressed, certified organic jojoba oil (Simmondsia chinensis) is traditionally produced for us in Israel. It is absolutely pure, naturally vegan and produced without animal testing. The extraction is done by pressing, without heat or chemicals.
The oil is delivered in an amber glass bottle with an extra large glass pipette. This way you can dose the oil according to your needs.

Jojoba oil is not an oil, but a wax that is pressed from the fruit of the jojoba bush. It has a very high content of essential fatty acids as well as natural vitamin E and is very similar to our skin sebum. This means that the oil is absorbed very well into the skin, is easy to spread and does not leave a greasy film. It is an excellent moisturiser that protects and nourishes the skin.
With a comedogenicity level of 2, jojoba oil can also be used for oily and blemished skin, as it does not clog the pores and has a balancing effect. The vitamin E it contains fights free radicals, which is why jojoba oil can also be used for mature skin.

Jojoba oil is an excellent ingredient for our beeswax wraps or for making your own cosmetics.

And this is how our team uses beeskin jojoba oil:

  • To remove make-up,
  • As a moisturiser for skin, hair and hands,
  • To make conditioner for the hair more nurishing with 1-2 drops of oil,
  • As a massage oil – great if you add essential oils,
  • As a “calming oil” – just add a few drops of lavender oil and rub on the temples and inside of the wrists for a calming and relaxing effect.

These are personal experiences and not medical advice. As everyone reacts differently, we ask you to discontinue use and seek medical advice in case of illness or allergies. Please always carry out a tolerance test before using a new product for the first time.

Our jojoba oil is a purely natural product. Therefore colour and smell may vary. It may contain traces of nuts or other allergens.

Content: 100 ml organic jojoba oil

The quality of our beeskin beeswax wraps and the used ingredients are very important to us. We use mainly European ingredients and produce, pack and ship in Berlin, Germany. Your beeskins are made of

  1. Cotton (certified organic to the highest standard) – as the base,
  2. Beeswax (tested for pollutants and pesticides) – as a main component of the „coating“,
  3. Tree resin – so that it sticks even better,
  4. Jojoba oil (organic) – so that the wrap remains soft

Lay your beeskin beeswax wrap on the item you want to cover, or onto the food you would like to wrap. The beeskin beeswax sticks together due to your body heat and literally melts around the items to be packed. In the fridge, the beeswax cloth will get stiff, similar to a plastic lid, but at room temperature it becomes soft and malleable again. Nevertheless, it will remain in the shape you folded it into.

Not suitable for use with raw fish & meat as well as pineapple.

Please note our instructions for care and cleaning and read more information and tipps here.


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