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Why does beeskin support the Aurelia Foundation?

beeskin uses pure cotton, tree resin, jojoba oil and beeswax as raw materials. Next to cotton, wax is the most important component of our products. We are aware of our responsibility towards the bees and also of the problems of today’s beekeeping. beeskin supports sustainable beekeeping and it is important to us that the reasons for bee mortality are fought. Unfortunately, in today’s partially industrial beekeeping, many methods are used that are not in our opinion true to nature. For example, some beekeepers cut off the wings of the queens to prevent them from swarming. Artificially bred bee colonies are sent by mail.

However, the most important reason for the continuing bee mortality is still the unrestrained use of pesticides. Pesticides are cited by almost all experts involved in this topic as the most serious reason for bee mortality. The EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) has already identified the use of neonicotinoids as the main cause of bee mortality at the beginning of 2013 ( and the use of three neonicotinoids was banned in 2018

As we believe that we cannot solve all the problems of today’s beekeeping at once, we would like to focus with beeskin on the reduction of pesticides in agriculture. The big advantage of this is that the use of pesticides can be checked very well with today’s analytical methods. Over 70% of the waxes we are offered do not meet the GOTS standards we are aiming for.

The Aurelia Foundation in Berlin was established in 2015 on the initiative of Thomas Radetzki and Markus Imhoof with seven donors. Since then, the foundation has been working for the well-being of pollinating insects, the preservation of biodiversity and a bee-friendly design of city and countryside under its motto “Long live the bees”. As an independent expert, the Aurelia Foundation advises politicians, the media and civil society and, as a bee advocate, fights in court against the approval of pesticides and agro-genetic engineering that are harmful to bees. One focus of her work is the organisation and networking of grassroots democratic popular initiatives for biodiversity. Aurelia initiates and promotes projects that strengthen research and general education about bees. More at

The use of pesticides in conventional agricultural production is an everyday occurrence.

There is no other way to compete with the dumping prices of the world market. The situation is comparable to doping in top-class sport: whoever does not do it is the stupid one. With the project “Europe without pesticides” we intend to support beekeepers who are committed to pesticide-free.

Together we have set up the following programme:

We offer every beekeeper with wax batches of over 200kg to have the wax tested for pesticides in the laboratory free of charge. Swarms of bees serve us as small agents, each of which collects samples individually in the flown landscape of about 50 square kilometres and brings them back to the beehive. The collected pollen and nectar are processed into honey and wax and the pesticides are detectable in the wax. In this way we would like to get an overall picture of pesticide use on the European and North African continent. Transparency is an important basis for taking meaningful local measures.

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