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It all started very small, in the kitchen with iron and oven. After we moved a few times, we are now a team of 22 (without the security personnel Gin and Bruno).

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Production in Berlin

beeskin team in berlin
Christian Sauer CEO of beeskin

Co-Founder and CEO

I am an entrepreneur and have founded several companies. In 2019 I sold my last company. As a business economist, after 15 years in the digital world with statistics and numbers, I am now happy to work on a "real, haptic and honest product" that truly has a positive effect on us and our environment.


Co-Founder and CEO

I lost three out of four grandparents to cancer. When I first became a mother in 2009, it was very important to me to make our lives "healthy". Our children still eat sweets and such, but I try to teach them a balance. Unfortunately, plastic is "out of balance" everywhere. I know myself very well, how short the day is, especially when you have children and are working. You don't always have time to look around for healthy and good alternatives. So I hope, that with beeskin I can offer a simple and easy alternative for the 100 meters of plastic film that we use on average per year, per household. I studied in the USA and have a BFA (Bachelor in Fine Arts).

Marta Holas beeskin

Head of Quality and Processing

I'm from Poland. I have been living with my family in Berlin for several years. Soon I will become a mother for the 3rd time. I love to travel through Poland. The best time is the time in the mountains - it doesn't matter if they are low or high. I often wonder if there is hope for a world without plastic? It is quite possible that by 2050 there will be more plastic in the seas and oceans than fish. That's extremely sad, so let's start avoiding waste.

Marek Holas beeskin

Head of Production

Hi, I'm Marek and I'm from Poland. I have been living with my family in Berlin for a few years now. I am interested in automotive and in my spare time I like to cook. My family and I like hiking in the mountains. I try to live according to the principle that no matter what happens to me, to be cheerful towards reality. Is it possible to live without plastic? The goal does not have to be a complete resignation. Even small steps are very valuable.

Marta Waluk beeskin

Quality and Processing

My name is Marta. I come from Poland and live with my family in Ludwigsfelde, not far from Berlin. I enjoy to spend my time with my family and outdoors.

Cristhian beeskin


I am Cristhian, a 28 year old engineer and artist, I have always been in nature and most of my art is actually inspired by it. I was born and raised in Chile, where I developed a strong relationship with the outdoors lifestyle. I truly believe that many of our daily actions have a real consequence in the environment, therefore, the friendly attitude towards other species and our host planet is essential. Here I am honored to put my knowledge and energy for such a purpose as part of such a nice team.

Blanca beeskin

Quality and Processing

Dorota beeskin

Quality and Processing

My name is Dorota and I'm 37 years old. I come from Poland. I have lived in Germany for 14 years and I am a mother of three. Like all mothers I want only the best for my children. I want to show my children that we can and must live in harmony with nature and not destroy it, nature is beautiful and important for our lives.

Katarzyna beeskin

Quality and Processing

My name is Katarzyna and I come from Poland, from a small city near Warsaw. I moved to Berlin few months ago. In my free time I like to read books - all the hardships of everyday life disappear when I delve into a well written novel. I like to travel and try new, sometimes extreme things, like diving or jumping from height to water. Each of us takes care to live and eat healthily, so let's also make sure that our planet is healthy. To reduce the pollution of the planet we should limit the use of plastic products. It is also worth doing rational shopping and segregating waste. This will reduce the amount of rubbish that pollutes our environment. Let's remember that small steps lead to a big change.

Patryzia beeskin

Quality and Processing

My name is Patrycja. I moved to Berlin a few months ago, I spent my last years traveling and working to become a contemporary dancer. This time, apart from dance theater, I would like to do something for the environment, I believe that we can change the world for the better with small steps every day. I would like to avoid in everyday life what destroys our world. I Change my habits every day to keep our planet healthy and clean.

Quality and Processing

I'm also from Poland but recently I moved to Berlin. Although I like music and dance, I like to spend my spare time outdoors. This is the best way for me to relax. If all of us take care of our nature all of our lives will improve.


Quality and Processing

I am Brazilian from birth, Italian from origin and Berliner from my heart. I studied International and European law and now I’m currently preparing for my Masters on Latin American studies. One aspect of my life that I consider very important is who I am as a consumer. Everything that I buy, I consider as a vote. My preference always lies on what is good for the environment and future generations. I feel like we all have the duty to leave the world better than it was when we got here. That’s why I am very grateful to work for a company that shares such values with me and contributes into making this world a better place.


Quality and Processing

Originally I am from Poland but have been living in Berlin for a few years. As a grandmother of two I am very concerned about our nature. It is so important for all of us. I try to do my best for my family and our earth. I am very confident that we all can make changes in our daily lives in order not to destroy the world we live in.

Administrative Team in Berlin

Carina beeskin

Office Management

Hi, I'm Carina and I have 3 grown up sons. I live near Berlin in Kleinmachnow. In the summer we are often on the Wannsee with our boat. In order to keep our nature and environment healthy for our children and grandchildren, we all have to start doing our bit. The avoidance of plastic waste is very important here - because in many cases we can do without plastic. beeskin creates a great alternative!

Sammy webmaster beeskin


Hello I am Sammy from Berlin and I am responsible for the online presence of beeskin. I enjoy being able to make a small but environmentally friendly contribution to this project.

Our International Team and PR


Country Manager Italy and France

I'm from Italy. Since I live right on the border to France, I can live in both countries and have the best of both worlds. I see myself as an outdoor lover. I am an engineer and DJ but nature's call is so strong that I spend every free minute hiking or diving. Hiking, diving and traveling have made me aware over the last few years that the use and production of plastic has crossed the dangerous line. We have to do something, and we have to do it now!


Country Manager Spain and Portugal

I am Argentinian, outdoor lover and serial entrepreneur. I am passionate that my work consists of generating positive impacts on the environment and society, and that's why I wake up every day. I believe that the way to change the world is working in teams, and luckily there are a lot of people determined to do it.

Annika beeskin

Country Manager Sweden and PR

I live in Stockholm and have been in retail for 25 years on different positions - from buyer in big companies - to PR agency for small and big brands through my company Studio Sankt Paul PR. As an outdoor person with sports and nature as part of my daily life, I feel and care about how we take care of our environment. I'm glad to be a part of the Beeskin team and that I can contribute and inform about alternative to plastic film. One small step in the right direction to take care of Mother Earth - that gives me tremendous satisfaction and reason for going to work.

Gabriele PR Italy beeskin

PR Italy

When I was 18 I decided that one day I would be a journalist because I think journalism has the power, and the duty, to make people more conscious because each of us can make a difference. Today I'm a tv reporter and I think that being aware of the world we live in today also means knowing that the plastic we use is too much. Being part of the beeskin's team means making people more aware.

Nina Deutschmann


Hello, my name is Nina and with my agency Deutschmann Kommunikation I am in charge of the press work for beeskin. It is a real heart-felt topic, which I present to the media, because as many people as possible should know about the environmentally friendly alternative to plastic film!

Cristina und Lorena

Cristina and Lorena
PR Spain

Our name is Cristina and Lorena and we are from Barcelona. We collaborate with Beeskin from our PR agency in Spain – www.clapersdediegocomunicacion.com. We are very happy to be on board this project and contribute to help our planet to be a little greener. Trough our press work we try to make people more conscious and transmit them that there is a real alternative to plastic film that can help our environment.

Our Security Team


Head of Security

Nothing will slip my attention. Nothing escapes my critical eye. This is why I am responsible for the safety of the production facilities.


Security Assistant

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