photo showing sandwich cut in half and wrapped in beeskin beeswax wraps size M in kids design

Brie & Smoked Turkey Sandwich

This simple and delicious cranberry brie turkey sandwich is a great way to whip up an easy 10 minute Lunch or Dinner!


  • 1 loaf Walnut Ciabatta
  • 1 Tbsp butter
  • 120g Brie Cheese
  • 180g smoked turkey
  • 4 Tbsp cranberry jelly
  • 4 tsp pickled chili peppers


  • Cut your bread in half and slice it open
  • Butter the bread and toast it
  • Spread the Brie on the bread, melt the cheese in a 180 °C oven, for 4 minutes
  • Stack the turkey on the cheese
  • Spread the cranberry jelly and chilis on the other side of the bread
  • Prepare your ingredients, and toast the bread in a 180 °C oven, until it's golden brown
  • Take your Turkey out of your beeskin M and layer it up on the melted Brie
  • Spread the cranberry jelly and pickled Chilis on the other side of the bread
  • Toast for another 4 minutes
Store leftovers in our beeskin L or beeskin Bag S to keep the bread fresh for longer