photo showing ice cream scoop, various fruits and nuts to make vegan ice cream

Vegan Icecream

One of the best things in summer, by far, is ice cream. Wouldn't you agree? Usually we distinguish between "milk icecream" with - you guessed right - milk and/or cream and "sorbet", which is water based and often tastes - yessss: watery (unless you add vodka to it, but that is another story). What about vegan ice cream? It tastes creamy as milk ice and fruity as sorbet. Are you curious to try? Here is how.  


  • Bananas
  • Strawberries
  • Nuts
  • Berries
  • Raisins
  • Vanilla extract
  • Cashews or coconut cream
* You can add any fruits of your preference - mango for instance is really yummy as well.  Cut the fruits in small pieces in order to process them faster in your blender, small pieces will make it easier. We used bananas and strawberries as a base, place them on a Beeskin and freeze. Wait some hours until they’re frozen. Take out the freezer and please mind this advice: *When your Beeskin is frozen and folded wait some minutes before you unfold it, especially if it has sharp edges. Warm up the material with your hands for a while so it’s flexible again before you open to take your fruits. Take the frozen fruits, wait 5 minutes and blend. Bananas will add a perfect texture as a base, so you could add always some of it to your mix.  Want to have a more creamy texture? Add some Cashew Milk, recipe below. 

Cashew Milk

  • Unsalted raw cashews are the best option
  • You can replace it by coconut cream if you prefer
  • Sweeten the milk with dates, maple syrup or coconut sugar
Soak the cashews in water with a ratio of: 1 cup Cashew = 4 cups Water.  2 hours with cold water is enough or ½ hour with hot water (It’s possible to soak overnight if you want and if you have a very strong blender you can even possible skip the soaking stage at all) Drain the water... ... and blend with fresh water until you get a creamy texture. Optional: sweeten as described above.  Cover with beeskin and save in the fridge or blend it with some frozen fruit for a vegan, milky, fruity icecream.  We made 3 different kinds: 
  • Banana with Raisins,
  • Strawberry and Cashew milk,
  • Berry Mix and Cashew milk.
Which is your favorite flavor?