lemon on beeskin beeswax wrap size m in kitchen towel design

Lemon Carpaccio

Quick to make but all the more delicious for it. 

You will need

Sicilian lemons, also called "edible lemons". You can recognise them because they are very large. For the salty version: Olive oil Coarse salt Coarse pepper Parmesan cheese Possibly Ruccola Parsley Onions Pickled garlic Serve as  
  • Antipasti
  • As a side dish with fish, meat, prawns
  • with fresh baguette as a light main meal - accompanied by a glass of cold white wine.... delightful!
For the sweet version: (Coconut blossom) sugar or honey Chopped almonds Feta cheese Or simply add a scoop of ice cream for dessert Cut the lemons, with peel, into thin slices. Lay them on a plate, fanned out on top of each other. Drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with Parmesan shavings. Finally, sprinkle coarse salt and a little coarse pepper over the carpaccio. Leave to stand for 30 minutes to intensify the flavour. Store the rest of your Parmesan in beeskin to keep it fresh for longer. 


The large "edible lemons" are eaten with the peel. As they are untreated, their shelf life is unfortunately much shorter than that of their smaller counterparts. Therefore, it is best to process them quickly. Alternatively, you can freeze the lemons in one piece, in small portions or just the puree.