What can I use beeskin for?

beeskin is the alternative to plastic foil. It protects food from drying out but still lets it breathe. This way food stays fresh for longer. All natural. Use it forfruit and veggies, cake and bread,cheese and cold cuts (Salami, ham, mortadella…)wrap leftover pizza and put it into the the freezeran open bottle of wine or to cover a jug with fresh juiceIf you want to cover a can of dog food, we recommend to dedicate one and the same wrap to your four-legged friend. Also for onions and garlic, which are in direct contact with the cloth, it is advisable to reserve a cloth only for this purpose (so you dont end up with onion-flavoured apple. Although some might like it….)

Which food can't be stored in beeskin?

For hygienic reasons you should not store raw fish and raw meat in beeskin. Place those into an extra bowl and cover the bowl instead. Pineapple has an enzyme which causes the coating to dissolve. Prolonged contact with very oily food may damage the wax and resin coating.

Does beeskin tolerate heat?

Not a good idea. Dont leave your beeskin beeswax wrap out in direct sun or in the car. Microwave, oven and radiator will also damage and destroy your wrap. If you forgot your beeskin in the sun or in the car and it seems to melt away, put it into the fridge for a few minutes. It will recover and will be ready to be used again quickly.

And how about cold?

Your beeskin beeswax can definitely be put in the fridge and of course in the freezer compartment. Your food will be protected but can still breathe. We recommend you check on your food after 4 weeks to make sure it does not dry out. We like to freeze leftover pizza or half a cake in beeskin. Even bread slices are great to be frozen. Take them out and pace them directly into the toaster or oven.

My beeskin has wrinkles and does not stick so well anymore.

Yes, your beeskin beeswax wrap will get wrinkles and stains over time, but we consider this as “patina”. Try to avoid prolonged contact with oily and greasy food. Foods like tomatoes or avocadoes will cause stains. If, at some point, you think your beeskin needs a face lift you can put it in the oven. Put your wrap on a baking sheet, pop it in the oven for 3 minutes at 100°C (or until the wax melts). That’s it. Cool it off and go ahead and reuse it again. To make this process even easier on you, we created arepair kitwith our special mixture, or make your own beeswax wraps from scratch with outDIY kit.

There has been criticism on beeswax wraps in general. What is your point of view on this?

As with everything new even this product has to face criticism. We developed this product in the intention to use it as a safe and healthy alternative to plastic foil. Our families use beeskin daily and we wrap our children's snacks and lunches in it. Please read our response to criticismhere.

Is beeskin officially declared as being safe for direct food contact?

beeskin beeswax wraps comply with EU regulation Nr. 1935/2004 and are tested by independent laboratories. beeskin beeswax wraps are certified and safe for direct food contact.

How about the packaging? Is it safe? Why is this even important?

Our packaging and instruction leaflets, as well as the colors used, are approved for direct food contact. This is important since some paper can contain mineral oil. Meaning that the wrong ink could migrate onto the beeswax wrap and then onto your food.The cardboard comes from certified, sustainable forestry in Sweden. There, for every cutoff tree, 3 new ones are planted.

Do beeskins smell of honey?

Yes, your beeskin beeswax wrap smells. It is a nice scent of beeswax and a hint of tree resin. We would describe the smell as woody and natural. Depending on which flowers the bees used to collect their honey the smell of wax may change slightly. A friend recently exclaimed: “I love the smell, it makes me want to bite into it”. And if you dont like the smell of trees, bees and wax too much: after a while it will wear off.

Why are beeskins sticky?

The beeswax, jojoba oil and the tree resin cause beeskin beeswax wraps to stick to any hard surface as well as to themselves. The warmth of your hands will soften the wax and make the stickiness even stronger. Cold temperatures as in the fridge will make it hard, just like a plastic lid it will stay in this form, once taken out it will soften again. If for some reason your beeswax wrap is not as sticky any more you can hold it under warm water but only for a few seconds or you can treat it to a facelift (see left). And if you find it too sticky: no worries, it will wear off after a while.

How long can I use beeskin for?

At least 1 year if you take good care of it. You will notive after a while that the wax gets worn off. In that case you can apply a new layer of wax as indicated above. If there are mould stains on your wrap you should dispose it.

What happens after its lifetime?

After its lifetime beeskin can be discarded on the compost. It will dissolve completely. Alternatively you can use beeskin as a natural and healthy fire starter for fireplace or barbecue.

Besides of wrapping and storing food, what can I use beeskin for?

You like decorating your cakes and muffins? Skip the disposable icing bags. Just wrap your beeskin beeswax wrap to form a icing bag. The best is to start with one corner and roll the wrap towards the other side. Fill with your favourite icing and start decorating your baking goods. Put your beeskin on your lap while driving by car or train, if something spills then it lands on your beeskin and not on your clothes.

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