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In 2018, I was standing in our kitchen. My children, aged 9 and 7.5 at that time, and our dog were swirling around me. The goal? I wanted to make beeswax wraps myself, from raw materials that would also be really healthy for my children.

Having lost three out of four grandparents to cancer, it was and is important to me to avoid things suspected of causing cancer. In addition, the amount of cling film that we used "just because" every day was a thorn in my side. Plastic is everywhere, and it's hard to imagine life without it.
However, I think that if there are alternatives to plastic, you can use them quite easily. Even more so if these alternatives are much better than plastic. Did you know that cling film cannot be recycled? Beeswax wraps as an alternative to plastic film are not a new invention, on the contrary: they existed generations before us. Already in ancient Egypt, cotton cloth soaked in wax and resin was used for embalming and "preserving".

I knew beeswax cloths from the USA. However, when I was looking for wraps for my family, I could only find these wraps from the USA or even from Asia. In general, globalization is an opportunity for us, but I think that if we have the possibility to produce products in Europe from domestic raw materials, we should take it.

Especially in food and food contact articles, we are subject to the strictest controls. This is how beeskin started at home in our kitchen. After many experiments with waxes, mixtures, and resins, I was soon able to inspire friends and family. My husband Christian, who was very skeptical about my new "hobby" at the beginning, enjoyed tinkering with it himself. He built a small machine in his workshop in the cellar to make it easier for us to apply the wax mixture.

In the meantime, we have moved several times and our team is growing steadily. Whereas in the beginning it took me about 1 hour to apply wax to one wrap, we can now produce 10,000 wraps a day.

In the summer 2021 we produced over 1.5 Million beeskins since the start of our company in December 2018. Despite of the great success, our beeskins are still produced in Berlin, each wrap is cut, quality controlled and packed by hand.

And what else has remained the same? The quality of the raw materials, because for me the measure of all things is still my children.
Our goal is to offer you great alternatives to plastic. Alternatives, which are save for you and the environment alike.

Tina Sauer, Founder and CEO of beeskin GmbH

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The beeskin Team

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Co- Founder who eats too many gummy-bears

I am an entrepreneur and have founded several companies. In 2019 I sold my last company. As a business economist, after 20 years in the digital world with statistics and numbers, I am now happy to work on a "real, haptic and honest product" that truly has a positive effect on us and our environment.


Co- Founder and CEO - has always too many ideas and too little time

I founded beeskin in January 2019 together with my husband - and we are still married ;-) It is important to me to raise our children in a balanced and healthy way. Unfortunately, plastic is "out of balance" everywhere. Work, family, household - there is not always time for healthy and good alternatives. beeskin is supposed to be such an alternative for the 100 meters of plastic film that we use on average per year, per household. I studied in the USA and I hold a BFA (Bachelor in Fine Arts). You will find me painting, in the garden with our dog and kids, caring for my medicinal plants or doing yoga.

Office and Marketing


Keeps a cool head even in the biggest hustle and bustle

Hi, I'm Carina and I have 3 grown up sons. I live near Berlin in Kleinmachnow. In the summer we are often on the Wannsee with our boat. In order to keep our nature and environment healthy for our children and grandchildren, we all have to start doing our bit. The avoidance of plastic waste is very important here - because in many cases we can do without plastic. beeskin creates a great alternative!


Starts eating carbs again when the next certification is scheduled

I'm Seif, a 28 year old Polymer and Plastics Engineer/Chemist. Growing up in Cairo, Egypt and living more than half a decade in Germany have shown me that the World is a very colorful place and we need to keep it that way and my studies have given me a means to effectively do that change for the better. Saving the planet doesn't need big steps, rather small ones and at beeskin we're trying to do exactly that. Don't think about saving the planet, Become the tool that changes it!

Sales Team


Head of International Sales - Misses the Italian sun when visiting Berlin

When I was a kid I had a dream of creating beautiful homes and comfortable roads to make the world a nicer and easier place to live. When I grew up I became an engineer, and as I began to travel and get in touch with nature, I quickly realized that the world is already full of concrete and asphalt and needs something new to help it. Being part of the beeskin team is my small part to make the world less polluted and to try to fulfill that dream I had as a child.

Production in Berlin


Head of Quality and Processing - Dreams of beeskin GTIN numbers

I'm from Poland. I have been living with my family in Berlin for several years. Soon I will become a mother for the 3rd time. I love to travel through Poland. The best time is the time in the mountains - it doesn't matter if they are low or high. I often wonder if there is hope for a world without plastic? It is quite possible that by 2050 there will be more plastic in the seas and oceans than fish. That's extremely sad, so let's start avoiding waste.


Head of Production - The Master of the Wax Process

Hi, I'm Marek and I'm from Poland. I have been living with my family in Berlin for a few years now. I am interested in automotive and in my spare time I like to cook. My family and I like hiking in the mountains. I try to live according to the principle that no matter what happens to me, to be cheerful towards reality. Is it possible to live without plastic? The goal does not have to be a complete resignation. Even small steps are very valuable.


My name is Marta. I come from Poland and live with my family in Ludwigsfelde, not far from Berlin. I enjoy to spend my time with my family and outdoors.


My name is Katarzyna and I come from Poland, from a small city near Warsaw. I moved to Berlin few months ago. In my free time I like to read books - all the hardships of everyday life disappear when I delve into a well written novel. I like to travel and try new, sometimes extreme things, like diving or jumping from height to water. Each of us takes care to live and eat healthily, so let's also make sure that our planet is healthy. To reduce the pollution of the planet we should limit the use of plastic products. It is also worth doing rational shopping and segregating waste. This will reduce the amount of rubbish that pollutes our environment. Let's remember that small steps lead to a big change.


Originally I am from Poland but have been living in Berlin for a few years. As a grandmother of two I am very concerned about our nature. It is so important for all of us. I try to do my best for my family and our earth. I am very confident that we all can make changes in our daily lives in order not to destroy the world we live in.


My name is Krzysztof. I was born in Poland and have been living in Berlin for several years. In my free time I play computer games or cook. The topic of ecology is very important to me because I care about my future, the future of my loved ones and the future of society. "Great things usually have small beginnings"




System Administrator - manages to get emails to work again quickly

As a father of three, I believe it is important to make a change in our daily routines now, in order to save the future of our children.


Webmaster - works when others sleep

Hello I am Sammy from Berlin and I am responsible for the online presence of beeskin. I enjoy being able to make a small but environmentally friendly contribution to this project.

Press Team


Head of PR

Hello, my name is Nina and with my agency Deutschmann Kommunikation I am in charge of the press work for beeskin. It is a real heart-felt topic, which I present to the media, because as many people as possible should know about the environmentally friendly alternative to plastic film!

Open Jobs

Are you also passionate about making a change? Are you worried about the world we live in? We are currently hiring and looking for team members in the following positions:  


  • Apprentice (in our Berlin office)
  • Production Assistant
  • Sales Representative (multiple languages)
  • Sales Representative (German)

We offer a great working environment on >350QM office and production area, in Berlin Zehlendorf. Excellent transport connections to public transport and supermarkets and restaurants in the immediate vicinity. We provide you with fresh fruit and drinks every day. Our hierarchies are deliberately kept flat and you have the opportunity to quickly take responsibility yourself.

If this sounds interesting to you, get in touch. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

or give us a call at +49 30 810 544 – 200