In 2018, I was standing in our kitchen. My children, aged 9 and 7.5 at that time, and our dog were swirling around me. The goal? I wanted to make beeswax wraps myself, from raw materials that would also be really healthy for my children.

Having lost three out of four grandparents to cancer, it was and is important to me to avoid things suspected of causing cancer. In addition, the amount of cling film that we used "just because" every day was a thorn in my side. Plastic is everywhere, and it's hard to imagine life without it.
However, I think that if there are alternatives to plastic, you can use them quite easily. Even more so if these alternatives are much better than plastic. Did you know that cling film cannot be recycled? Beeswax wraps as an alternative to plastic film are not a new invention, on the contrary: they existed generations before us. Already in ancient Egypt, cotton cloth soaked in wax and resin was used for embalming and "preserving". 

I knew beeswax cloths from the USA. However, when I was looking for wraps for my family, I could only find these wraps from the USA or even from Asia. In general, globalization is an opportunity for us, but I think that if we have the possibility to produce products in Europe from domestic raw materials, we should take it. 

Especially in food and food contact articles, we are subject to the strictest controls. This is how beeskin started at home in our kitchen. After many experiments with waxes, mixtures, and resins, I was soon able to inspire friends and family. My husband Christian, who was very skeptical about my new "hobby" at the beginning, enjoyed tinkering with it himself. He built a small machine in his workshop in the cellar to make it easier for us to apply the wax mixture. 

In the meantime, we have moved several times and our team is growing steadily. Whereas in the beginning it took me about 1 hour to apply wax to one wrap, we can now produce 10,000 wraps a day. 

In the summer 2021 we produced over 1.5 Million beeskins since the start of our company in December 2018. Despite of the great success, our beeskins are still produced in Berlin, each wrap is cut, quality controlled and packed by hand. 

And what else has remained the same? The quality of the raw materials, because for me the measure of all things is still my children. Our goal is to offer you great alternatives to plastic. Alternatives, which are save for you and the environment alike. 

Tina Sauer, Founder of beeskin GmbH

laughing Tina Sauer, CEO beeskin GmbH, with her German Shepard Dog

"...And what else has remained the same? The quality of the raw materials, because for me the measure of all things is still my children."

Tina Sauer

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