beeskin brush 03 - Pots
beeskin brush 03 - Pots
beeskin brush 03 - Pots

beeskin brush 03 - Pots

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Cleaning high pots without being up to your elbows in rinsing water is not so easy. If there are knives attached to the bottom of the pot, you not only have to worry about wet sleeves, but also cut fingertips. 

Our special dishwashing brush with extra-long handle and compact head is just the right size to clean tall, narrow pots, with and without integrated knives. The hardness of the bristles is just right to remove burnt-on residues without scratching. Since the brush is made entirely of sustainable beech wood and Tampico fibres, it can easily be disposed of in the compost at the end of its life. Of course, the format of the brush is also suitable for other household items - buckets, toilet bowls or tall vases can be cleaned comfortably. 

The bristles of the beeskin brushes are made of tampico, the fibres of leaves of an agave species. They do not bend, are strong and even resistant to acids. Of course, the tampico bristles are fully compostable. 

Why choose beeskin Loofah

We are extremely picky about the products we sell

  • Our products are save to be used by us and our families, certified by independent laboratories
  • The beeskin products substitute plastic and other substances which are harmful for us and the environment
  • Our products have a direct or indirect health benefit
  • The beeskin products and the used raw materials are sustainable sourced and/or produced
  • Our products have never been tested on animals
  • The beeskin products fit our modern lifestyle and provide added value
  • We only sell products we use ourselves at home on a daily base
  • We pay special attention to sustainable production and CO2 neutral transport routes
  • The packaging we have developed for us comes from certified sustainable forestry

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    Super einfach zu benutzen. Brot hält sich sehr lange frisch darin!

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