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Rimani aggiornato con beeskin

Rimani aggiornato con beeskin, news sulla nostra azienda, articoli interessanti per i nostri clienti per informarli sul mondo attorno a noi e come renderlo più "verde", deliziose ricette da provare utilizzando la varietà dei  nostri prodotti senza plastica.


  • Lecker Liebling Award

    Food magazine Lecker honored the best and most popular products that enrich the food market and contribute to an exciting variety in our kitchen.⁠ ...
  • Growing and Growing

    Over the last couple of months we have been growing a lot. We are very excited to now move to our new and bigger office. 300sqm of space seemed a l...

Interesting Reads

  • How to store bread

    Fresh bread, spread thickly with butter and perhaps a little salt - sometimes the simple things are the best.

    However, bread needs to be stored properly so that it can be enjoyed for a few days.

  • Ribwort

    One man's joy is another man's sorrow. The Encyclopaedia Britannica says "Ribwort and hoary plantain (P. lanceolata and P. media,respectively) are ...
  • Chives

    Allium schoenoprasum Is one of the classic kitchen herbs, mainly used in egg dishes, salads and numerous dairy products. Chives contains numerous v...
  • Thyme

    Thymus Vulgaris Thyme was already used as a medicinal plant 4,000 years ago. Old records show that the pharaohs of ancient Egypt were already embal...


  • Vegan Icecream

    One of the best things in summer, by far, is ice cream. Wouldn't you agree? Usually we distinguish between "milk icecream" with - you guessed right...
  • Lemon Carpaccio

    Quick to make but all the more delicious for it.  You will need Sicilian lemons, also called "edible lemons". You can recognise them because they a...
  • Empanadas

    “Empanadas” are an icon, from the South of Europe to Latin America and South America, Philippines and other places in the world. They exist in many...
  • Vegan Sushi

    Ingredients: Sushi Rice: 2 cups (wash it several times) Water: 3 cups Nori seaweed Vegetables of your choice: Roasted carrots Cucu...